Susie Moshenberg: The Prize Queen


Barefoot, Pregnant, Standing By Her New Frigidaire Oven!

One Winner's Story

Truly Dubourdieu of Oshawa, Ontario was so thrilled and thankful to win a new Figidaire Double Oven from YMC, that she wanted to share her story with all of you.

Truly's husband had just started back to work, and it was a good thing, as they had purchased a new house earlier that year and never imagined that he wouldn't be working. They were in the process of deciding what appliances to buy and had hoped that they could save up enough money to buy Frigidaire's Double Oven. As she does everyday, Truly checked her inbox and to her shock, found an email from YMC announcing that she just won that Frigidaire Double Oven, valued at $2,200!

"OMG Susie I'm literally crying!" was Truly's response when she first contacted me. Since she won, Truly, her growing family and their new oven have moved into their new home.

"We are very thankful for our new double oven. It's been on our wishlist for a number of years. In our house we love to can, bake and cook, so a tool like this was honestly the best prize we could ask for. When we received the oven our house was going up for sale in the near future and there was no way we were parting with this prize by including it in our kitchen, so we kept it in its box within our garage. Our new house then got delayed, so we've only recently been able to unwrap our prize and get use of it. We love how quickly the burners heat up and how fast food cooks in the convection oven. The various-sized burners are great and it really does problem solve a number of cooking needs!"

Sometimes our prizes seem to have a 6th sense and just know who really needs them!

Susie the Prize Queen