Susie Moshenberg: The Prize Queen


The Life of a Prize Queen

Why it sometimes sucks to be The Prize Queen

I love being The Prize Queen. I truly do. I feel like Santa Claus everyday of the year. But, every once in a while I have to admit, it can suck being the Prize Queen. I just sent an email to our unsuspecting winner of our biggest contest ever! Unless she is sitting at her computer at this very moment, this winner has no idea that she just won a Disney Cruise and Pizza Hut Pizza Party with the total prize value being $10,000.00!


There, I said it. I want to go on a Disney Cruise and celebrate at Pizza Hut too. But no, I just get to be the messenger of great news. Should making other people happy be prize enough for me? Does the fact that sometimes I wish I was getting that email make me a bad Prize Queen?

And, sometimes YMC members are lucky enough to win more than one prize. I see repeat winners come across my desk all the time. How lucky is that! I recently decided to try to win my own trip, so I entered a Shoppers Drug Mart Contest (not our contest as I'm not allowed to enter ours) that allowed me to rack up entries. I was so diligent with that contest.I shopped more at Shoppers this past month than I normally do in six months! But, did I win anything? No, nothing.

And THAT is why it sometimes sucks being The Prize Queen.

Anyway, I'm sure that I will hear from our Disney Cruise winner within the hour and she will reply with several thank yous accompanied by many exclamation marks. And I will feel good about the fact that YMC and Pizza Hut have made it possible for this winner and her family to enjoy an incredible vacation on us.

But, I'll still wish it was me who won.

Now I must get back to my regularly scheduled work day, and send an email to our next lucky YMC contest winner.

Remember to check your inbox to see if you are that winner!


Susie the Prize Queen