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The Dinosaurs Are Coming!

A Month of Letting Your Imagination Run Wild

One of the best things about being a parent is the fact that it gives you the freedom to act like a kid under the guise of engaging with them, teaching them, sharing their interests, and so on.

Of course, parents really know that’s all just psychobabble—playing with toys is fun!

With that in mind, and with reverence to Movember, which starts soon as well, I bring you: Dinovember.

Dinovember was the inspiration of writer Refe Tuma, who posted a hilarious account of how toy dinosaurs took over his home in 2011. This year he’s bringing it to the next level with How to Spark Your Child’s Imagination: The official guide to Dinovember.

In the guide, Refe provides step-by-step instructions on how to set up various dinosaur capers in your home to spark your child’s imagination. Everything from a dino dress-up party to a cereal incident is covered with illustrations for the visual learners among us.

Of course, the guide is only a starting point, the idea is actually pretty amazingstop worrying about instruction manuals or guidelines, and just let your imagination run wild.

The idea of having an imaginary story, one that doesn’t involve a child getting a present, candy, or chocolate covered anything, is a great way to spark that childhood imagination that often leads them to the most amazing places.

Coincidentally, my youngest daughter loves dinosaurs, probably because daddy often plays one and lets her ride around on his back. For her birthday she desperately wanted some toy dinosaurs, so we bought her some, and now they are her babies. The dinosaurs have been pretty tame up until now (right now they live in a bucket in the living room), but something tells me they might have some adventures forthcoming.

And for the not-kid-friendly version of this species, there's always dinosaur porn. It's a thing. For real!