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4 Easy And Awesome Last-Minute Gifts For Dad

Internet-Enabled Gifts for the Chronically Busy

It’s OK ladies, we know how it is. You’re busy, and sometimes things get forgotten. Why do you think they sell flowers on the side of the road on Mother’s Day? The good news is the magic of the Internet provides all kinds of amazing digital gifts and awesome subscription services that don’t even look last-minute. So if it’s coming down to the wire, and you haven’t grabbed a Father’s Day gift for the awesome dad in your life, here are a few great gift ideas that don’t look last-minute, aren’t purchased at the drug store, and don’t require you to negotiate in cash on the side of the highway.

1. Give him a great shave.

Shaving sucks and even worse, it’s expensive and unremarkable. Well, that all changes if you buy dad a shaving subscription from Harry’s ($31). Harry’s will send your dad eight blades and two shaving creams at a predetermined frequency that matches how often he shaves. You can even get him a classy razor handle made from aircraft-grade aluminum and engraved with his initials. The best part is, the blades are a fraction of the cost you pay for the 14-blade monstrosity you buy at the drug store.

2. Give him unlimited awesome tunes.

Dads love music, but that Aerosmith greatest hits CD is getting a little stale. A great way to break out of your musical rut and discover some great new tunes is with an unlimited subscription from Rdio ($9.99/month). Rdio has great apps for iOS, Android, and the web, and has a library of over 25 million songs for instant streaming. I’ve discovered a lot of great new music, and some awesome older stuff, with Rdio. It’s also a great way to keep up with new music so you know what your kids are listening to.

3. Give him something to read.

I love to read, but I’m not a fan of dead-tree books. The good news is that even if dad doesn’t have an e-reader (though that ’s a great idea too), most e-book stores have apps for iPad, PCs, and other tablet devices. Kindle even allows you to gift a specific book to someone, so you can put a little more thought into it and still have your shopping done in seconds. Is dad an amateur physicist? Check out Quantum Mechanics: The Theoretical Minimum, a great beginner’s guide to quantum theory. Or maybe find out what all the hype is about with Game of Thrones: A Song of Ice and Fire: Book Onethe first book of the series.

4. Give him some sweet threads.

Think a custom-made suit is only for gangsters and Bay Street bankers? Not anymore. Indochino is an amazing Canadian company that makes gorgeous custom suits to order. Don’t know what to get him? In addition to a gift certificate, order a Tailor’s Kit ($29) that comes with two tape measures and 16 fabric swatches. The cost of the kit is redeemable as credit towards your suit. If he’d rather be sized in person, watch for their Traveling Tailor events in cities across Canada.

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