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This Post Is About String

Because I Like To Write About Controversial Topics

After running errands last week, I took the boys to the dollar store. Son No. 2 had a Toonie that was burning a hole in his pocket. I'm a fan of the dollar store as it fills my need for pens but not a fan because there is a lot o' crap.  Both boys have learned that lesson the hard way—Dollar store toys always break before we even get home, mom—so I was surprised he wanted to go. Even more surprised when I specified he could NOT BUY ANY CANDY. And yes, a Ring Pop is considered candy not an accessory.

I let them run off while I wandered around the stationary aisle salivating over pens. Ten minutes later they came back with Son No. 2 carrying a light up yo-yo and a ball of string.

"This is what I want to buy, mom."

*Looks quizzically at him, then string, then him again, shrugs shoulders, pays for items*


They created a pulley system with the string that starts on the top floor of our house and have spent hours lowering and lifting stuffed animals—each stuffed animal wearing a harness made guessed it....STRING!

Sunday Son No. 2 had a friend over and they tied a large loop of string around the bannisters in our staircase, Son No. 2 sat in the kitchen, his friend sat on the second floor, they attached notes to the string with a clip which they sent to each other. Sort of like a clothesline but for notes.

Yesterday morning Son No. 2 was causing a ruckus in the bathroom, why they fight over the toothpaste WHEN THERE'S TWO TUBES I'll never understand, so I told him he lost his string playing privileges for the morning—he burst into tears. That my son was crying because he couldn't play with string? That is called an awesome moment in parenting

Sometimes it's the simplest items coupled with imagination that make the best toys.

And the yo-yo? It's been sitting untouched since Saturday.