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A Simple Skincare Routine

All You Need Are These Three Things

It’s been a fun few days for me on the internety world.  Nothing like telling a few thousand of your closest friends you *may* have shit your pants a couple of times to keep you humble.

Good times, good times indeed.

Today I thought I’d step away from my neurotic tendencies - ’cause god only knows, I can write about that shit all day long – and talk about skin care.

A few peeps on twitter wanted to know what I use for my skin.  First, I’m just going to put it out there.

I botox.  For a few years I’ve botoxed the skin around my eyes to reduce my crows feet and I make no apologies for it (although I can guarantee me writing *that* sentence right there means Erica will be tweeting out her anti-botox stance sometime this week).  And I've already been raked through the coals about my whole love affair with botox, so don't be getting all down on me. Or you can.  Whatever. 

I told the world I shit my pants people! That's called....bigger fish to fry.

I haven’t done botox for about six or seven months now.  My financial department informed me I could afford botox and getting my hair done by a professional a few times a year or a house cleaner and getting my hair done a few times a year by a professional -  not both.  My financial department sucks ass.

The house cleaner starts this week and I’m okay with not doing botox for awhile.  It's in her contract to rub Vaseline on all our mirrors – I look great AND have a clean house. Plus I get the opportunity to convince my husband he needs a new contact lens prescription.

The perfect trifecta. 

The fact is, I have good skin and take no credit – it’s mostly genetics.  And if you hate me for having good skin, you should meet my sister. Hers makes me look like I spent the last 40 years out in the sun.  Which, you know…kinda.

I thank my lucky stars every day that I was able to take a short dip in the Good Skin gene pool. Sadly, I seemed to have spent an inordinate amount of time in the genetic line known as Our Cursed Family Thighs - I could have sworn the sign said Free Ham and Fries. 

I use three things on my face – period. 

Jojoba oil, a cheap moisturizer and diaper wipes.

1) At night I wash my face with jojoba oil then rinse with a wet diaper wipe.

2) I moisturize with whatever large vat of moisturizer happens to be on sale when I go to Walmart - currently it's Vaseline Intensive body lotion.

3) In the morning, I wash my face with a wet diaper wipe and moisturize again.

And no, the oil doesn’t make my face greasy.  For awhile I used coconut oil which did leave me with a slight sheen and feeling somewhat greasy. Kind of like the other sheen, Charlie, but without the hookers.

So I switched to Jojoba oil and it’s been smooth, sheen-free sailing ever since.

I don’t know why it works so well but it’s been the best thing I’ve ever done for my skin. 

Leaving me to concentrate on finding the free ham and fries I missed out on.