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Non-Depressing Christmas Carols

Add A Little Sunshine To Your Holiday Songs

I'm just going to put it out there.  I like Christmas songs but I hate slow Christmas songs.  Normally around the holiday season I'm sleep-deprived and slightly stressed because on top of all the stuff I normally do, there's the Christmas stuff too.  By the way, wrapping presents is like deciding to paint your own house.  It seems like a good idea at the time but about two hours into it you're all "What the f*ck was I thinking".  I know you're not supposed to swear when writing about Christmas but really?  Wrapping?  With all the tape and ribbons and the pen getting hidden underneath the excess bits of the wrapping paper you cut off so you could make nice edges. You don't hate it?

Give me a Jingle Bell Rock or a Let It Snow! and it makes my spirits bright!  Hark the Herald Angels Sing and O Holy NIght?  They make me want to pour myself a coffee and Baileys, climb under the Christmas tree (the one I lugged from the basement and assembled myself) and cry.  Music gets to me that way. I have a slew of Christmas CD's but the crux is they throw in slow songs amidst all the happy, joyful ones.  One minute you're rocking around the Christmas tree, the next it's a freaking silent, holy night.  Why do they do that???

So for all of you who are affected by sad holiday songs, I present to you my own Christmas cheer courtesy of StereoMoods in the form of Christmas In Zion.  Even the sad songs have a happy upbeat feel. I feel like I should have an umbrella drink instead of Baileys. 

For the record, either works.

You're welcome.