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Kobie Levi Designs Art, Not Shoes

Shoe Porn

I'm not a big shoe fan. When my friends Connie or Dee twitpic pictures of shoes, I'm mostly left wondering how one walks in them. Then I StumbledUpon these shoes and fell in love. They're made by Kobi Levi, a shoe designer who creates shoes that are art.

These were just a few of my favourites but if you want to check out more of his design, visit Kobi Levi here. And if you are a shoe porn fan I'm just going to warn you that you may end up losing a few hours of your day if you click on this link.

Note: There has been some not so good shit going on in my life lately--nothing I want to talk about right now--and as such, I have a spent an inordinate amount of time on StumbleUpon. Like. Stumble. Like. Stumble. Don't Like. Stumble. It's almost hypnotic and is a way too easy way to forget about other shit in your life. You, the readers, will now reap the rewards of my hours of mouse clicks.

Coming next? Making your stick drawings come to life.