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Getting To Know You

PartyMummy started a meme to learn more about YOU.  So it's actually called a YouMe. You can thank her for my YouMe below.  And also for not being able to get the title You, Me and Dupree out of your head.  Or is that just me.

Without any further's YouMe.  Feel free to join in.  There are instructions at the bottom.

1. Give a snapshot of your life. Married? Kids? Pets? Career?
Married mom of two boys. 

Pets:  One cat – Licorice.  Two hamsters:  Hammy, who is cute and sweet and Satan, who is currently plotting my death. One live goldfish and one dead goldfish I just found in the freezer from six months ago. We couldn’t bury it the day it died and the last thing I wanted to do is explain the rotting process to my son so I “preserved” it then clearly “forgot about” it and then it got buried underneath a pile of freezies.  It’s not like we were going to eat it or anything. And it was a Beta which is way too small to eat anyway.

Unless you were going to do an appetizer with it like in some sort of fancy martini glass or something.  Then it would have been just right.  Also pretty because it's blue.

I need to clean out my freezer more often.  Also…if you’ve been invited to my house for dinner, just forget this question.

There are no dead fish in my freezer.

Or hamsters.

Career:  *Not* killing hamsters.

2. If you could be any nationality other than your own, what would it be?
Avatar-ian.  See blue is pretty above.

3. Where’s your best thinking place?
In bed at night.  My husband will say the bathroom, but he’s lying.

The bathroom.

4. Name one thing you know you should want to give up, but can’t.

I've tried.

5. Describe one thing that makes you so angry you could spit nails?
Psycho sports parents.  Dudes…get over it.  You had your chance to be a star.  Now let your kids play and have fun and shut the hell up.

Also?  All that screaming you’re doing?  The kids can’t actually hear you.  Go ahead ask them. 

6. What’s one meal you tend to make over and over again? (Because it’s tasty or just plain fast and easy). If you’re so inclined, paste in or link to the recipe.

7. When is the last time you fell down?
Well now I’m a little bit afraid to answer this question because Lisa answered it and then within an hour, she had a huge fall in front of a school yard of parents.  It’s like The Ring.  Only with the chance of winning $10,000 on Funniest Home Videos instead of a woman crawling out of the t.v.

My phone just rang.


8. What’s something your partner does that drives you crazy?
Absolutely nothing.  He’s perfect. 

Hi Hon!  I totally paid the Visa bill on time this month!  *waves*  You don’t have to read anything else.  Just go on to the next question. Love you!

Chews chips loudly.

9. What scares you more a) public speaking b) bungee jumping c) horror flicks? 
Did you know if you only used initials for those choices, Bungee Jumping becomes BJ? Because I think you did.  And I think you didn’t think anyone would ever break the secret BJ code.  And that’s like totally rude.  BJ’s are a private affair between a husband and wife and the person in the bathroom stall next to us.

I don’t even want to know what the HF stands for. 


10. Name one new thing you’d like to try before you die.
Not dying.

11. Tell about a time when you had your heart broken.
It was awful, I’ll never forget it.  The middle of winter, about -30 degrees and it just shut down.  No noise, no nothing.  At first it wasn’t noticeable but as the day went on, you could feel how chilly it was getting.  It took 48 hours for the furnace guy to show up.  Seriously?  48 hours in the middle of winter?  That kind of shit should be illegal.


Oh wait…you said heart.

12. It’s not considered bragging when somebody asks you to tell about something cool you’ve done. So spill. 
I did.  All over my fucking keyboard.
Way to go Lisa.

13. What’s the best thing you’ve ever made?
A grown man cry using only two words.  I do.

14. Fill in the blanks:
a) Over the years I’ve become more crazy and less sane.
b) I wish I was more crazier and less sanier

How do you turn this meme into a youme?
Cut and paste these questions into your own blog (don’t have a blog? That’s ok, you can play on Facebook too!).  Delete my answers and add yours. Invite your friends and readers to join in.  Be sure to leave the link to your answers in the comment section below so we know where to go to read all about YOU.