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Do You Pee When You Sneeze?

The Princess And The Pee

I sometimes pee when I sneeze.

There, I said it.

Nobody wants to talk about this little issue but it happens. A lot. After you give birth certain muscles become lax. You do your kegels like you're supposed to and think everything is A-okay, then one evening you find yourself at a cocktail party laughing at a joke and budda bing, budda boom....pee.

Or maybe you're an exhausted mom who just discovered your kids drew penises on the wall with permanent marker and started to do that manic laugh that turns into a cry. Or is that just me?

Either way, pee.

Enter The Princess And The Pee. This video was made by my twitter friend @Wallabina (real life name: Sandra Brunner).  A Pilates instructor, Sandra was completely unaware of the 'peeing at inappropriate times' problem some women face. Then a client told her that since taking a Pilates class, she no longer peed when she sneezed.  Sandra decided to run with it and created a program to stop incontinence.  

I was supposed to participate in the making of the video but unforuntately I couldn't find a babysitter.  Birthing my children caused me to pee when I sneeze and when I get a chance to find a solution to the problem, my kids cause me to not go.

There's irony in that.

Sandra knew I was a sad panda that I couldn't participate and was nice enough to send me a copy of the finished DVD and I'm so glad she did because not only is this a great program for moms with peeing problems, it's a great DVD for someone who simply wants to strengthen her core. 

The exercises are simple to do and are good for any fitness level. So now along with speed skating and training to run a 10k race, I shall be working on my core and banishing incontinence from my kingdom so laughter can be heard throughout the land once again...without needing a protective liner.

Disclaimer: I wasn't asked to write this. I wasn't paid to write this. I did get the DVD for free (see sad panda above). I mean, we all know there are a bunch of us who pee when we laugh, sneeze, jump or run and really, aside from me who wants to talk about peeing themselves. So now you can order a DVD and work on your peeing problem in the privacy of your home. That's a good thing. 

p.s. I also peed when I did this.