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The Difference Between Boys and Girls

Narrowed Down To One Word

I'm reading this incredible book right now called "The Minds of Boys". It talks about how boys brains are are wired differently than girls and how they learn in a completely different way than girls.

I didn't really need a book to tell me that, I see it every day.  More importantly I think the differences between boys and girls can be narrowed down to one word. 


Break wind, cut one, cut the cheese, pass gas, air biscuit, flutterblast. It doesn't matter what you call it, it seems that to boys farting is the funniest thing in the world. Even just saying the word will cause laughter-ous eruptous. Quickly followed by butteous erpuptous.  Causing more laughter.  It's a vicious, vicious circle.

After living many years as the only girl in a boy house, I still don't completely understand it, although this mom could probably help me.

Boys will try to fart on each other. They will fart at the table. They will fart in a library. They will fart in a church. They will fart in a restaurant. They will fart at school. When Son No. 2 was smaller, he would try to fart each and every time I tried to change his diaper, his face sometimes turning purple with effort.

Even now as they get older, it seems this farting fascination doesn't end. They have, in fact, thrown farting games into the mix. There's "Turtle" where a few boys will go underneath a blanket, one will fart and they will see who can last the longest. There's "Blame the Fart on the Other Guy." My husband still plays this game, only instead of blaming it on someone else, he says he stepped on a duck. There are a lot of dead ducks in our house.

So while this increcibly fascinating book speaks volumes about the differences between the minds of boys and girls, I kind of think they're looking at the wrong end.