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Dealing With Post Partum Depressions

Mother's Day Rally For Moms' Mental Health

I met Katherine Stone at BlogHer 2010.  We were standing in line waiting to get breakfast at an event and started chatting. Katherine created and runs Post Partum Progress, the most comprehensive and accessible information available on perinatal mental illness for pregnant women and new mothers.

She has essentially made it her life's mission to help mothers with Post Partum Depression get the help they need and let them know they aren't alone. 

I've never written about my having post partum depression before - twice -  although I talk about it quite openly in real life. The fact is, I've never been able to arrange the words in a way it deserved, hiding my pain behind my humour. 

Until now.  Katherine has that way about her.

Katherine is hosting the 3rd Annual Mother's Day Rally For Moms' Mental Health on her blog for Mother's Day.  For the last three years she has invited women who have experienced post partum depression or those who care about the mental health of mothers to write a “Letter to New Moms”.  This year I was one of the people she asked to participate and I'm honoured to be a part of it.

Starting on Saturday night at 12:00 a.m. she will post one letter per hour for 24 hours. 

Please spread the word and visit her site this Mother's Day to offer your support to the many women out there who are or may suffer from PPD.

I know what a lonely place that can be and how reaching out can make a difference.