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Blissdom Canada

Getting To Know You

The Blissdom Canada conference is quickly approaching and I'm not gonna lie....I'm all Gahhhhhhh because I'm socially awkward and never remember anyone's names.  It also doesn't help when someone uses a logo for their avatar because I'm a visual person and seeing a face helps me remember a the logo thing throws me for a loop.  I'm pretty it's some sort of twitter avatar learning disability.  

Last year Lisa wrote a great post on ten things to do if you're feeling left out of the party, whether it's online or in real life.  A must-read (and print off and take with you), really. 

This morning when I woke up at 4:00 a.m. and couldn't fall back asleep like every single night for the past I don't even know how many years, I got to thinking.  This year I want to be proactive.  If you're going to Blissdom, in the comments section below let me know a bit about you - then at the end of the week, Imma gonna slap it all into an excel sheet, then I'm going to post it so you can download it and use it as a reference guide.  It'll probably be all alphabetical and shit because I'm fancy like that.  

So in order to keep it simple, here's the info you can leave below:

1) Your twitter name

2) Your real name

3) Your website/blog name and URL

4) And maybe even who you want to meet at Blissdom - because then that person will see  you want to meet them on this awesomely organized excel sheet and they'll be all....that's so cool that someone wants to meet me. And they'll probably look for you and it'll take away all of the awkwardness. Unless it's me you want to meet me because then I can promise you at least one awkward moment per conversation. It's sort of a given.  This excel sheet is going to be a total ice breaker and way better than stalking someone like I did to Redneck Mommy last year.  Also Catherine Connors.  And Mother Bumper

Possibly Jen Reynolds as well. 

Also, I'm a Tribe Leader this year and will be leading the discussion on Group Blogging.  So if you have any questions for me, leave those below as well.  Or you can just 'surprise' me with them at the table so I'm all unprepared.  That's always fun with the stammering and my nose turning red.

I proposed that for every person who comes to my table we can have a shot of Jagermeister for every question they asked and then at the end of the discussion we could all table dance because we'd have the Moves Like Jaggar.

Probably not a good idea since it's taking place first thing in the morning and by about noon we'd have the moves of Keith Richards after falling out of a coconut tree.  

But we'll make up for it when we totally get our groove on at the Costume and Karaoke party Saturday night, right?  I've been working on my repitoire of moves and some of them don't even make my husband roll his eyes.

So that's it!  Leave your comments below and I'll see you at Blissdom.  And if I meet you and two minutes later have no idea what your name's me not you.  Really.

But I'm working on it.