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The Bean Bag Chair

This Chair Is Da Boss

We moved into the house we're currently living in 3 1/2 years ago.  While I love it, the one thing that bums me out is that our basement isn't finished. We had finished the basement in our old semi-detached and having that extra room where the boys could hang out and play was beyond fantastic.  Not to mention it kept the mess on the other floors of our house to a minimum.

Relatively speaking, of course.

Currently our family room is on the second floor and as the name suggests, it's where we spend most of our time.  Since my husband and I are prone to bouts of genius every once in a blue moon, we decided to buy a huge couch in an easily "hide the stains" colour. The couch is 11 feet long. Literally, my husband and I can lie on each end and not touch each other. 

It's awesome.

So you'd think that with a couch this large, seating in the family room wouldn't be a problem for a family of four.


He's touching me.  He got a blanket and I didn't.  Stop putting your feet on me.  Why does he get to sit beside daddy?

You get the picture.

So when BeanBagBoss offered to give me one of their chairs to try out, I was all over it. They have over 100 fabric styles and colours to choose from - but I fell in love with this funky cityscape (see 'hide the stains' colour above). 

A few days later the bean bag chair arrived. I brought it upstairs to surprise the kids when they got home from school and surprised they were.  They literally fought over it - but one timeout and a family meeting about sharing, got us back on track again. 

I didn't want to write about the bean bag chair until we had used it for a few weeks because I'm a bit of a cynic.  I know my kids and while they'll often be completely enthralled with something new because it's, you know, new, oftentimes when the new wears off it gets tossed aside and forgotten about.  Meaning, I was totally expecting to have to give up my newly found space on the couch.

I'm happy to say, the bean bag chair is used in our house Every. Single. Day.  The boys mold it into the shape they like to sit and watch tv or they lie on it with blankets like they're camping.  They've even been joined by their parents a few times.  Although they get mad when we put our feet on them.

And look!  It's a miracle.  They're shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaring.

So what does all of this have to do with having an unfinished basement?  We're finally *claps hands excitedly* going to finish it this winter.  The boys are getting older and it'll be nice for them to have a place to hang with their friends.  I love the idea of having a couple of bean bag chairs for seating so I'll be ordering another once the reno is done.

If you're interested in buying a Bean Bag Boss Chair for yourself, they've given our readers a special coupon code for $10.00 off (one use per purchase).  Use:  YummyMummy-999.  Offer expires December 01, 2011.

Oh, by the way....wanna know what's almost as much fun for the kids as the bean bag chair itself? 

The box it comes in.