How To Create A Link That Opens In A New Window

Stop Sending Me Out Of Your Website

How To Create A Link That Opens In A New Window

Dear Bloggers and/or Website Owners:

Often when creating content you refer to other content on the internet so you hyperlink to said content. This is a good thing.

What is not a good thing is when your link sends people away from your website because you're not choosing the "open link in new window" option. You see, we readers of the internet have a short attention span and when we click on something it's like the dog in the movie "UP" who gets distracted by the squirrel. In this case we are the dog and your link is the squirrel. Once we have left your site to visit the squirrel link you included in your content we oftentimes don't come back. We get lost in the internety world of links drifting from one set of links to another until we forget where we originally started.

You don't want to send people away forever. You want them to check out the interesting and/or relevant link and come back to you. Think boomerang, not frisbee.

This is why you need your hyperlink to open up in a new window—that way people can check out your interesting and/or relevant link—and still have access to your post.

How To Create A Hyperlink That Opens In A New Window: Wordpress

How To Create A Hyperlink That Opens In A New Window: Blogspot

Now you can link to other awesome content on the web and still have people come back to you. You're welcome.

p.s. If you're not getting a lot of comments on your blogspot blog, you may want to check this setting.


Are You Smarter Than A Pre-Schooler?

Find Out With This Brain Teaser

Are You Smarter Than A Pre-Schooler?

Once again I was on StumbleUpon—my time-wasting nemesis—and I stumbled across this problem that apparently can be solved by preschool children in five to ten minutes. I figured it out in four. Can you?

Aaaaand Go!

Scroll down for the answer.






Are you sure you want the answer? 




You can do it! 




No? Alrighty.... count the number of circles in each line of numbers. 



Homemade Popsicles

For Kids And Adults

Homemade Popsicles

I've been juicing a lot lately which means I've been buying a lot of fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately I went a bit overboard the first week and ended up with three containers of strawberries that were in danger of going bad so the kids and I made popsicles. Now you can too.


1 large container strawberries—washed and hulled
1/2 cup of simple syrup*
1 cup of water

Mix the ingredients together in a blender. Pour into popsicle molds. Freeze and enjoy.

After pouring the kids popsicles I had strawberry mix leftoever and no more popsicle molds. Hmmmm....what's a mom to do?  *taps finger lightly on chin, looks up at ceiling*

Well if you're me, you add 1/2 cup of vodka, mix it up in the blender so it's evenly distributed, pour the mixture into a juice glass, cover the glass in plastic wrap, poke a popsicle stick through the plastic wrap and freeze it.

Voila! A treat for you!

The great thing about these popsicles is that you can use almost any kind of fruit.  Next up on our list is orange popsicles. And to tell my husband to not buy as much fruit next week.

Helpful Hint: Always use different, easily identifiable molds when making vodka popsicles. For obvious reasons.

*Recipe For Simple Syrup: Combine equal amounts sugar and water in a pot, bring to a boil until sugar dissolves. 

If you like vodka popsicles, you might also like three simple meals to get you through your week.