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A Morning Checklist

Stop The A.M. Mayhem

That quote above? Pretty much describes my life since September. Every. Single. Day. there is some sort of morning stress in our house whether it's the boys fighting "I get the toothpaste! No, I get the toothpaste!", backpacks not packed, lunch bags that were not unpacked or simply running late.

Inevitably yelling is involved "What do you mean you need to go find your library book? You had three pairs of mittens yesterday, where did they go? Dirty dishes belong in the DISHWASHER!" and the whole family ends up feeling stressed.

Yet I keep doing the same thing over and over and over again which is COMPLETELY INSANE.

So yesterday I created this checklist:

I printed out ten pages, cut each of the "Did You" lists into strips and stapled them together into two booklets—one for each of them. Now every morning before the boys can watch television or have computer time, they need to make sure everything is checked off then bring it to me so I can see that it's done.

Guess who had a peaceful morning this morning? The DeVellis household, that's who.

That is, until Son No. 2 told me he forgot his winter jacket in the van and we ended up being late. It's all about the baby steps though, isn't it?

Also, I'll be adding a "Did you do everything on the list without fighting with your brother?" in the next version.

Want a morning checklist for yourself?  Click here to download and print a pdf version.

You're welcome.