Delawana Resort: An Affordable Summer Getaway

Enjoy The Cottage Life Without The Cottage Price (or Responsibilities)

A Little Bit Of History

Delawana Resort sits on the shores of Honey Harbour only a short two hour drive away from the GTA. 

Originally when our family first went to Delawana 8 years and 9 trips ago, it was an all-inclusive resort that included kids’ camps and meal plans. But in 2013 Delawana went into receivership. It was then purchased by new owners and reopened in 2014 as a ‘self-catered’ resort that offers a very affordable alternative to cottaging up in Muskoka. 

For the past two years we've stayed at Delawana for two weeks, which you'd think would make a teen and tween go a little batty but my kids love it up there so much that when offered a choice between a Disney cruise and Delawana, they chose Delawana without a moment's hesitation - for real. There's something to be said for enjoying the simple things in life and getting back to nature.

Recently Delawana started offering seasonal rentals from May to October and it's something we're seriously considering for next year. 

(Note: We have paid for every one of our Delawana vacations. I was given nothing for this review - we really just love it there).

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