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How Sports Can Get You Ahead In Business

Girls, It's Time To Get Into The Game

This Gal's Got Game

Do you think about raking when someone mentions The Maple Leafs?

I’m the first to admit that I barely know anything about hockey even though my youngest son plays in both winter and summer and my husband has played forever. I’m the person at every hockey game asking:

What’s offside?
What’s icing?
Why did that kid get a penalty?
What’s offside again?

As a mom, it’s nice for me to know the rules of the game my child loves but imagine if you worked in a male-based industry where knowing about sports could make or break your career or simply help you bond with your male counterparts.

So where do you begin when you want to learn the ins and outs of a particular sport?  

That’s where This Gal’s Got Game comes into play.

It was started by Rekha Shah and Lally Rementilla because they got tired of not being able to participate in workplace conversation due to lack of sports knowledge.  As stated on their website, “We had been shut out from boardroom side conversations and Friday afternoon beers because we couldn’t talk sports.”

The concept of This Gal’s Got Game is to help women understand and keep up with sports.

Lally signed me up for the Hockey 101 course (for free) to try it out. During the course of two weeks I was sent ten emails (one email per day, Monday to Friday) with facts about the game of hockey including terminology, rules and regulations, and even basics like what a hockey rink looks like.  There are also quizzes included to test you on the information sent the previous day.

You can even sign up for the Daily Cheat Sheet and receive an email each morning that summarizes the top sports stories so you’ll be able to banter with your office pals about the latest baseball game or playoffs.

Right now This Gal’s Got Game offers an online course in Hockey and it covers 14 different sports in total.

I’m giving this a definite ‘do it’ because learning new things is a good. Being able to learn those things while sitting at your desk drinking coffee is great. Being able to talk to your son about offsides and icing?

That’s all kinds of awesome.  

The online courses are $39.99 and it’s well worth the investment. Lally has kindly set up a special offer for YMC Members.  Enter the promo code YMC and receive 15% off Hockey 101.

She Shoots, She Scores!

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