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Ten Best Ways To Respond To "You're So Quiet"

Introverts Of The World Unite

I can be quite quiet in large crowds. Being around a lot of people overwhelms me, so I tend to sit back and mostly listen. This inevitably means at some point someone will say, "You're so quiet."

What the hell do you even say to that?

Up until now I've never had a response, let alone a good one. But thanks to Ask Reddit, I've got my answers in the bag.

If you too are an introvert or just a generally quiet person, here are ten of the best ways you can respond.

You're welcome.

10. I don't waste words.

9. I was raised by abusive librarians.

8. I'm really concentrating on holding this fart in.

7. I prefer to listen.

6. You can see me?

5. Does that make you nervous?

4. With all these voices in my head I'm just waiting for my turn to talk.

3. Because you keep talking.

2. Simply nod in agreement.

And the showstopping response you can use the next time someone says, "You're so quiet" . . .

1. Not in bed.


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