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The Art Of Asking For A Favour

It Doesn't Have To Be Difficult

While many people dread asking for favours it doesn't need to be difficult. Here's how you can make asking for favours a favourable experience.

Fill Your Favour Basket

Asking for favours is a bit like having a bank account. You can’t take anything out if you’ve never put anything in. Before you start asking for favours make sure that you have made a habit of helping out people in the past. Be open to helping others in any way you can.

Don’t Beat Around The Bush

Be direct and simply ask for your favour explaining what you need and why you need it. It’s also important to ensure you’re asking and not telling. Asking means you’re respectful and cognizant to the fact that the person will be giving their time to help you.

Be Gracious

If someone has been kind enough to lend you their time and expertise, take the time to thank them. Let them know you appreciate what they have given you.

Ask The Right Person

This seems straightforward but many times we’re asking the wrong person to do the job. Make sure what you’re asking fits into the person's abilities and talents.

Accept That The Answer May Be No

People have things going on in their lives. If someone says no, his inability to help you isn’t a personal slight, it just means he is unable to do it at this time.