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Glossy and Glam Magazine Makeover - Christmas Tree DIY

A Fun Christmas Craft For Your Kids

I have fond memories of making magazine Christmas trees as a child using the Sears catalogue. In retrospect I realize how smart my mom was to give us such a big magazine to make these cute crafts. This is a fun project for kids of any age and I'm happy to report my two boys had an absolute blast making them.

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Step 1: Break the spine of the magazine and tear off the front and back covers.

Step 2: Fold the upper right hand corner down until it is even with the left edge of the book (the seam). Run your finger over the crease to make the fold crisp. It should resemble a triangle.

Step 3: Take the same page and fold it over again so that the edge is even with the seam. It will form a triangle with a pointy bottom. Again, make run your finger over the crease to make the edge crisp.

Step 4: Fold the pointy part up so the bottom edge is even with the bottom edge of the magazine. 

Continue to do this with every page of the book and you will end up with this!

To take it one step further I sprayed the trees with an aerosol glue and covered them with glitter (do this in a well ventilated area and wear a mask).

The bright colours give them a whimsical feel, like Christmas trees from Whoville.

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