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Blissdom Canada: Lucky

Amazing Moments From Amazing Women

Every year I leave Blissdom feeling inspired but this year I left feeling lucky.

Lucky that I work with such a talented, diverse, fun group of people.

Lucky that so many of the women I admire are now also my friends.

Lucky that Twitter has allowed me to connect with people I would never have met otherwise.

Lucky that I've been offered amazing opportunites I will never take for granted.

Lucky that I know learning never ends and there are no stupid questions so we need to continue to ask.

Lucky that I am surrounded by wonderful, supportive women—both online and in real life.

Lucky because there's nothing more kick-ass than going Gangnam Style with these wonderful women.


It never ceases to amaze me that I am here doing what I love. It was surreal to me to be sitting at a table with Ann Douglas, an author I admire and adore, and to have her hugging me and making jokes. I bought her books when I was pregnant with my older son and now here we were, chatting like old friends.

Or to be across the table from Jen Reynolds, who teaches me something new every single time I talk to her, and have her include me as an example in part of the session. Mind-blowing, really.

So many women that I admire and wish to emulate and they have become a part of my circle. And the best part is the circle continues to expand, to include new people who make me realize what an incredible life I have.

I feel like my heart might burst if I think about it too much.

Lucky. That is me.