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Stop Apple Slices From Turning Brown

3 Easy Steps

My kids find apples appealing but since Son No. 2 is currently missing a few front teeth, it make eating them whole difficult. Only, if you send sliced apples to school they become brown and yucky. I had tried the lemon juice trick in the past but the boys didn't like the taste so I came up with this technique to send apple slices to school without having them brown.

Step One:  Go out and buy yourself one of these apple slicer/corer thingys. I got mine at IKEA but I’m pretty sure you can get them at any kitchen supply place.

Step Two: Push it into the apple but DON’T GO ALL THE WAY THROUGH!

Your apple should now look like this.  Pieces are easy to tear off but it’s still all together.

Step Three:  Hold the apple tightly closed and wrap in plastic wrap. A thick elastic band also works.

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