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Greek Yogourt dip recipes |

If you're looking to be a little healthier over the holiday season, look no further than your big ol' tub of 0% plain Greek yogurt. This bad boy can be the change you're looking for. It's an easy substitution in many of our favourite holiday dips and spreads.

Plain Greek yogurt is creamy, nonfat goodness that is full of protein. I've got three amazing recipes to knock your (or your company's) socks off and keep your belt on.

No-Bake Spinach and Artichoke Dip



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Healthy Party Foods |

ERRMAGERD...Finger Food!

Am I the only one that gets excited about food in a miniature size? Probably not. Which is why so many of us overdo it during the holidays and don't even realize it! Parties are everywhere and they are filled with chips and dips and tiny little sandwiches and things on a stick and OH...things wrapped in bacon. Everything is eventually going to be wrapped in bacon.

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Excellent Dairy-Free Eggnog

For Eggnog-aholics Only

Dairy-Free Eggnog, a lactose-free alcoholic holiday beverage. Honey + coconut + rum = an equation we can get behind. | Rum | Christmas | YMCFood |

Imagine a world where eggnog isn't full of "milk ingredients" and refined white sugar, guar gum and "natural" flavours. What does that even MEAN? And why does it need to be included on the ingredient list? If it's the natural flavour of food, shouldn't that just be a given? But's been ADDED. Yuck.

Some store brands don't even need to be refrigerated. Have you noticed this trend? Milk products not in the refrigerated section? That's just wrong.

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Empty Your Fridge for Delicious "Everything Soup"

E is for "Everything Soup" with One-Bowl Whole Wheat Dumplings

AR - Empty the Fridge and make 'Everything Soup' is a great, healthy way to use up vegetables in your fridge and make a quick hot weeknight dinner! | YMCFood |

You were supposed to shop today but instead you'll do the groceries tomorrow. You open your fridge to find... not much.

Dammit! Don't you hate that?

I've often muttered to myself: "I swear I had more food." Sounds familiar? Your fridge (like mine) has probably been raided and all you have left are vegetables. Well don't order take-out just yet. Luckily you have some half eaten veggies and some pantry items that combined will magically make this AMAZING soup. The entire family will love it! And surprise-it's full of health! Yay!

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A Cool School Program to Get Your Kids Eating Healthier

Encourage Your Kids's School to Apply for Metro’s Green Apple School Program asap!

A Cool School Program to Get Your Kids to Eat Healthier

As a busy parent, I know you understand the difficulty of always feeding your family healthy, home-cooked meals and encouraging healthy eating at all times. With hockey practice, dance lessons, swimming, homework, school projects and play dates, time constraints are tough on all of us. However, it's important to educate our kids about nutrition as early as possible so they know how to nourish their bodies into adulthood—and beyond. Teaching them starts at home but it also extends to their time at school. But how do we find the time to make it all happen? Great news!

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D for Delicious Dessert - With Avocado!

Avocado Banana Chocolate Pudding

Avocado and Banana Pudding |

Want to eat dessert every day?

Just make it healthy! This is a guaranteed winner at your dinner table. Kids will hear the word "pudding" and devour their meal just to get a taste.

This is what I like to call a double-win dessert because it's healthy AND it uses up your fruit that might be on it's last day...if you know what I mean.

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Take An Extra Moment of Silence on Remembrance Day

Take Time to Consider the Military Sacrifice

Remembrance Day A Moment of Silence |

Imagine this: Six weeks into dating, you meet up with your man and he’s shaven his head. He tells you: “I joined the army today.” How would you feel? Scared? Angry? Proud?

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Kids trick or treating

I may be a Nutritionist, but I am not an evil witch (even though I dress like one on Halloween). I’m a real person, just like you, with real children, living a real life. I even *GASP* let my kids eat Halloween candy. That’s right, my kids stuff their face with candy on Halloween. Every year. And I let them.


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mini fritattas | breakfast for dinner

What’s the BFD (Big [email protected]*&ing Deal) about BFD (Breakfast For Dinner)?

I’ll tell you.

Our lives are CRAZY. I don't need to tell you! You work, the kids go to school, they have hockey, dance, swimming, karate, singing, piano,’s all happening IMMEDIATELY and it all gets in the way of making a nutritious dinner. Trust me, I get it.

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apple pie cookie recipe

A is for Apple.

Wow…APPLES. Did she come up with that all on her own? What a shocking start to an alphabet kitchen blog!

Well, get ready to drop your pumpkin spice latte because it’s APPLE TIME. And not just any regular apple time - it's Apple Pie Cookie Time, and even "a la mode” Apple Pie Cookie Time. That’s right - cookies that taste like pie.

And it’s HEALTHIER FOR YOU than a regular old cookie! Mind blown? Apples not looking so lame now, are they?

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