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Be a Highway Hero and Don't Let Barf Ruin Your Otherwise Awesome Road Trip

V if for Vomit...

Don't Let Car Sickness Ruin Your Road Trip |

Now that I’ve got your attention, imagine this:

You’re heading up to the cottage on a beautiful summer day.  After lunch, the car gets packed, and everyone is excited to hit the road! You’ve just gotten past the bottle-necked traffic and you’re cruising on the highway. Not a person in sight…ahhh, just breathe in that fresh air…

Suddenly, a little voice from the backseat says: “Mom…I don’t feel so good.”

Uh oh. There’s nowhere to pull over. Not a bathroom in sight. The highway shoulder looks super sketchy and you can’t pull over fast enough….nooooooooooooooooooooooo.


Barf. Everywhere. The seat, your child, the floor, the SEATBELT (That’s always the worst to clean). And now what are you going to do?

Luckily if you ARE heading to the cottage, at the very least you have a change of clothes. But what if this happens at random?

I have your solution.

Vomit Vessel. Barf Bowl. Spew Stein.  Whatever you want to name it, make it, and HAVE IT ON HAND. You just never know. I always have three in my car. One for each child.

I recently gave one to a Mom-in-need at my children’s school and it saved her from having to detail her Mother’s car. It made me realize: I must share this with the world!

Here’s what you need:

 1 large plastic yogurt container with lid (Preferable not clear)

 1 large ziptop freezer bag

 2 pieces paper towel

 5 pieces baby wipes in a small plastic ziptop bag (or a travel size baby wipe container)


Also nice to have for afterwards:

 1 bottle of water (to sip on…but be sure to recycle it after…no sharing!)

 Hand sanitizer (for the Moms who are dealing with it all)

 Kids Gravol or ginger candies.

You might be wondering: Where is the disinfectant? Why doesn’t she have cleaning products? I’ll tell you: If you have this kit and are prepared, there is nothing to clean up except your child’s face. Seriously. But if you want to be SURE, keep some disinfectant wipes and extra paper towel in the trunk. The great thing about THIS kit is everything fits in the container.


Also, if you think you can get away with just having a bag on hand…I can tell you from LOADS of experience (of my kids barfing, not me) that having a bucket to barf into is WAY easier for kids than a bag that can leak or spill. It’s easy to hold and the target is big. Plus, here's a great trick: If you have time, pull the large Ziploc bag over the yogurt container...there is NO easier cleanup than that. If you don't have time, dump everything out and just use the bucket. Still easy peasy cleanup but say goodbye to your entire kit.


It's simple, but if you read this and don't make one, you'll seriously regret that decision next time this happens to you. So finish your yogurt, make this and leave it by the front door. I guarantee you won't regret it!

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