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City Has Buzzkill NO CANDY Strategy for Halloween

C is for...

Kids trick or treating

I may be a Nutritionist, but I am not an evil witch (even though I dress like one on Halloween). I’m a real person, just like you, with real children, living a real life. I even *GASP* let my kids eat Halloween candy. That’s right, my kids stuff their face with candy on Halloween. Every year. And I let them.


So when I heard about the city of Summerside, P.E.I., encouraging people to hand out recreation passes to trick-or-treaters on Halloween, I was not a fan-and here’s why:

Kids look forward to Halloween for months. It’s one day of the entire year that they are ALLOWED, not only to be out on the streets when it’s dark, but they also get to eat a ridiculous amount of candy. Taking that away makes it taboo and therefore, more enticing. IT’S ONE NIGHT, PEOPLE. Let them have it.

Giving children a bowling pass on Halloween is like giving them a toothbrush or an apple and we all know how lame that was when we were kids. No thanks. Don’t be that guy.

My suggestion to the city? Let parents buy the passes and allow their children to trade-in their candy after they’ve had their fill. Sometime in the first week of November, their bellies will start to hurt and the novelty will wear off. Save some peanut-free treats for lunches in the future and give them some fun skating and swimming classes in place of a bellyache.

But don’t ruin the one night these kids have been looking forward to all year. Let them have fun and let them have candy. Your Nutritionist says so.

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