Picky Eaters Have 1000 Reasons They Won't Eat. Here Are 47 Ways to Help.


With so much nutrition information out there, it's hard to know who and what to trust. When it comes to feeding kids and picky eating issues, you want to make sure you're reading evidence-based information from credible sources. Because kids nutrition can be confusing and dealing with fussy feeders and picky eaters can be overwhelming (I know this first hand!), I've come up with a list of blogs, books, and Facebook pages that I personally follow, from experts that I admire and trust. Enjoy! 

Sarah  is known as the "Non-Diet Dietitian", because her mission is to inspire people to enjoy food in an intuitive and non-restrictive way, while respecting their health at the same time. Sarah is Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist specializing in pediatric/family nutrition and picky eating. She's also a freelance writer and appears regularly in local and national media.

She's also a mother, a wife and a lover of chocolate, red wine, coffee and pretty much all foods. She aspires to become remotely as amazing a cook as her Mom is and to one day find that "sweet spot" balance between being a great Mom/wife and running a successful part-time business (she's a dreamer too!).

She enjoys practicing yoga, jogging and spending time with her two young kids and husband. 

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