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Classic Holiday Cocktail: Prosecco with Strawberries

Bubbles for the holidays!

No matter what time of the year, Prosecco is my go-to fun beverage of choice. I love the bubbles and the fact that it's not too sweet (so I sip rather than drink), and most of all, I love drinking out of a champagne glass--it makes everything more fun! Recently I went to a dinner party where the hostess served alcohol-soaked strawberries in glasses of Prosecco. Festive, delicious and fancy (with a touch of sweetness), this cocktail quickly became my new favourite, and I just had to share! Happy Holidays!

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fresh strawberries (about 1 cup depending on how many people you're serving. 1 strawberry per glass)
1/2 cup each vodka and triple sec for soaking (more if you are using more strawberries)
fresh mint 
Chill unopened Prosecco
Combine vodka, triple sec and mint in a bowl
Place strawberries (stems removed) in alcohol mix and let soak (stirring once or twice) for at least 24 hours. 
Pour chilled Prosecco into champagne glass, and with small set of tongs, place one strawberry into each glass prior to serving. 
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