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Royale's YMC Reno Contest

decorating ideas for girls' rooms

If you are anything like me you would never put toilet paper and interior design in the same sentence. But Royale has changed that for me forever. And they want to do the same for you. We are celebrating the Royale $25,000 Reno-cation contest by bringing it to life on my blog. Together.

Royale has made it possible for me to make a little girl’s dream come true, while also making one of mine come true at the same time! Erica Ehm’s daughter, Jessie, has never had new furniture. Her bedding is from Erica’s Much Music days. Her dresser and wardrobe have been passed down from her brother. But that is all about to change. Thanks to Royale, I am going to transform Jessie’s room into every little girl’s dream.

We recently took a tour of Jessie’s room to see what works, what doesn’t and to find out what Jessie dreams about:

This is where you come in. I love chatting about design with friends. It is such a great opportunity to collect amazing ideas. So I'm going to give all of you arm chair designers a chance to get into the game. 

We're giving away a $300 Home Hardware gift card to five lucky mummies.

All you need to do to enter is:

1) Watch the video above where Jessie tells you what she'd like in her room,
2) Go to our contest section and give me your decorating suggestions and advice!

Plus I'll be incorporating some of your ideas into the room! 

Once you've entered OUR contest, enter the Royale $25,000 Reno-cation contest for the chance to win a $10,000 Home Renovation of your choice and a $10,000 Dream Vacation to anywhere in the world. Plus 1 of 15 weekly prizes totalling $5,000!  Because no mummy should ever have to choose between a renovation or a vacation.

You have until May 29, 2011 to make your dreams come true!







p.s.  Stay tuned to for the next YMC Reno blog post where I will share some of your ideas and start sourcing for Jessie’s soon to be amazing bedroom.

This blog is proudly sponsored by the Royale $25,000 Reno-cation contest