Sarah Gunn: Wall Candy


Re-Formed ArtCubes

Display Precious Keepsakes in Style

I am a very nostalgic person. For me things are not just things. They have meaning, they tell a story. They hold memories. I have so many items from my childhood; I have my boys’ first outfits and their second and their third. But all of these things are tucked away in labelled bins in my basement. I want them out where they make me smile.

The only problem is: how do I display momentos in a pretty way? How do I make them not look like clutter?

Then I discovered Re-Formed ArtCubes and I fell madly deeply in love. This Canadian company takes your keepsake and creates a piece of art that is totally customized to suit your style.

I was so excited when Amanda offered to give me my own re-styled pieces. I had such a hard time narrowing it down but I eventually decided on two small pieces.

The first was a toy that my parents had given me as a child. It may not look like a special toy but I can remember the exact moment that they gave it to me. I also wanted one that represented my boys. These little shoes are the first ones they both wore. And the pirates have special meaning because my husband always jokes that my Nova Scotia accent makes me sound like one.

Are they not both AMAZING? I love them just as much as I knew I would. I now want a wall of them. I am seriously dreaming of creating one with some items from my travels in Europe, and maybe one with my wedding shoes, or possibly one of my oldest son’s first onesie. I can’t stop dreaming of the possibilities.

Want your own Re-Styled ArtCube? Start digging through your basement bins and drawers and then head over to their amazing website!