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Currently Obsessed With: Painted Floors

Wood You Do It?

I hate our flooring on our main floor. It is laminate. Ugly, orangey laminate. We will replace it with hardwood at some point, but that is not in our budget at the moment so I had a moment of genius.

Or so I thought.

I could paint the floors! I have always loved the look of a painted floor. But before I could pick the white and gray combo I dreamed of, I was told by those in the know {thank you Leigh-Ann!} that it would not be a wise choice because paint and laminate are not a good combination. So, sadly I guess I will be passing on the painting {unless anyone out there knows a way to make it work!}

Instead, I will suffer from floor envy....just look at these beautiful painted floors...and dream of the day when we can get hardwood.

So what do you think? Would you ever paint a floor?

images: tobi fairley, more ways to waste time, sarah walk, mi casa

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