Art-Inspired Dessert Table Display

a yummy display for your guests

Art-Inspired Dessert Table Display

It's no secret that I am a huge fan of David Dawson's art. His piece Muskoka Autumn is just about the prettiest thing ever, don't you agree? It is just such a happy painting. You can find more of his fabulous work here.

I thought it would be fun to use this happy piece to inspire party decor. If looking at the art makes me so feel this way, surely decorating with those colours will have the same effect on guests.

I worked with Christine from Mollycake to come up with yummy {and ever so pretty} treats in shades of pink and orange for a dessert table. The table itself is actually a lovely vintage sideboard from one of my favourite shops, My Back Shed, in Oakville. I wish I had a better photo of it but the DIY demo table was set up in front of it.

The treats included two gorgeous cakes, macarons {my new favourite}, strawberry marshmallows, and meringues. 

It all looked to pretty to eat. But I did. A lot. I am now a macaron addict! 

PS: I made the no-sew runner myself, just the same way I made these fabric backers for my bookcase.

PPS: Those pink and orange cake stands? I made those too. So fun and so easy! Click here to find out how to make your own

You can watch the CityLine segment with the art, the table and the DIY, here.



DIY Cake Stands

A sweet project for anyone

DIY Cake Stands

Making your own cake stands is a fun and easy way to add colour to a dessert table. This is one of the easiest projects I have ever done! 

What you need:  

Bases like these mini plaques from Michaels or the white corner trim piece from Home Depot:

Pedestals like these table legs I found at Home Depot:

Tops like these larger plaques from Michaels:

If all of the pieces are wood, you simply use wood glue {after measuring and centering of course!}. If you make one like the one below, which uses a candlestick base with a metal top, you will need to use epoxy to attach the two pieces.

Once the glue is dry {follow the instructions on the package} then you are ready to paint. I used Benjamin Moore Baby Pink and Marmalade for these two & then coated them in one layer of varnish:

I just love the way they turned out!

No cake stand is complete without sweet treats. These gorgeous cakes and macarons were made by the super talented Christine of Mollycake. They are almost too pretty to eat! 

It is important to note that most {maybe all} paint is NOT food grade so cover the top of the stands with wax paper or co-ordinating scrapbook paper before placing food items on the stands. 

Whenever I do a DIY project I can't help but be tempted to search the internet to see if anyone else has done the same project. And pretty much every time, someone, somewhere, in some way, has. Click here to see some of the best DIY cake plates that I found.

What do you think? Are you tempted by this sweet DIY?