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How You Can Make A Vintage Lemonade Stand

A DIY Project to benefit girls around the world

How You Can Make A Vintage Lemonade Stand

I was challenged to create a Pinterest-worthy LemonAid stand. Inspired by my love of everything vintage, and by my mom's gorgeous country place by the ocean, I designed an old fashioned lemonade stand. I created one that could be set up at a summer party with family or friends, but the plastic glasses could easily be replaced with paper cups for a traditional roadside stand. 

Why a LemonAid stand?

I'm helping spread the word about Plan Canada's amazing Pink LemonAid fundraising campaign to raise awareness and funds in support of their Because I Am A Girl programs. Because I Am A Girl  is a global initiative to end gender inequality, promote girls' rights and lift girls out of poverty. A lemonade stand may seem like a small way to fundraise, but it is a fun and effective way to get Canadians involved in solving this global problem, because small actions drive big change.


I used one of Mom's vintage dressers as the table. The handles were not the prettiest, so I wrapped them in ribbon, using double sided tape to hold the ribbon in place. Any small table or dresser would work. I added the quilt as a backdrop in keeping with the country theme. 

I found an inexpensive Lemonade stand sign at Target. The colours were a bit too bright for the look I was going for, so I wrapped the edge in scrapbook paper and cut out a paper lemon to glue on the chalkboard. You could easily have a piece of wood cut at a hardware store and paint it with chalkboard paint, or even better, go to a second-hand store and do the same with an old kitchen cabinet door, painting the trim another colour to act as a frame.

Money Box

An inexpensive dollar store wooden box, covered in scrapbook paper, serves as the money box. Once cut to size, coat the paper in mod podge and set in place. When dry, apply a coat of mod podge to the outside of the box to act as a protective coat.

Colourful paper straws and a country floral bunting banner complete the look. 


This banner could not have been easier to make. I found these amazing wooden bunting banner shapes and used those to trace the paper for cutting. You could then glue the paper in place, but because I like to switch things up, I just pulled the rope tight to keep the paper in place in front of the wooden pieces. A tack on each side of the dresser holds the banner in place. The total cost for the banner was $15.00.

Join me in hosting a LemonAid stand this summer! I'd love to see your images when you do. Share them using the hashtag #YMCPinkLemonAid. And yes, my little boys will be selling lemonade from this floral display and donating to Because I Am A Girl

Get started on your own LemonAid stand today by downloading free printables for you to use at your LemonAid stand!

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