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My Ideal Eco-Renovation: How I Would Update My Bedroom


My Dream Eco-Renovation: How I Would Update My Bedroom

If you read my last post, you already know that the talented Jonathan and Drew Scott of W Network's Property Brothers have teamed up with Scotiabank for the #GreenYourRoom contest to help us transform our homes to be more eco-friendly.

The contest awards one lucky winner $20,000 towards an eco-renovation and a one-hour consultation with the brothers.

Even though I can't enter (sob), I can't help but share what I would do if I won. I wanted to show you that eco-renovations don't merely consist of solar panels and better insulation (although those are great), they can consist of all sorts of other things and be pretty at the same time too.

If you know me at all, then you are aware that I am always dreaming up ways to improve our home. Like most people, we focused on decorating the main living areas and the kids' bedrooms and totally ignored the master bedroom. If I won $20,000 to use towards an eco-renovation, I would use it to transform our master bedroom. 

Here is how I would plan for the master bedroom eco-renovation:

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I would love to create a pretty, serene space that is not only comfortable, but also environmentally friendly. As a parent and an interior stylist, I feel it's important to consider the environment when decorating your home. Does every single item have to be eco-friendly? Not a chance; it's just not practical, so for our master bedroom, I would: 

  • use reclaimed wood for the floor...I am dreaming of wide plank barn boards
  • paint the walls and furniture with low or no VOC paint
  • upcycle some of our existing furniture with new hardware and a fresh coat of paint instead of buying all new pieces
  • shop local for cushion covers and custom window treatments
  • donate old furniture pieces to charity

See how easy that is?! Small eco-friendly choices can add up to create a space that is healthy for your family and the environment.

I'd love to know...what would you do with $20,000 towards an eco-renovation of your own? Would you replace your windows, redo your bathroom or kitchen? Tell me in the comments below!

Scotiabank and The W Network's Property Brothers partnered up to give one lucky winner a one-hour consultation with Drew and Jonathan Scott, and $20,000 to be used towards their own eco-renovation! Do your home and the environment a favour and join Sarah Gunn as she takes you through the Scotiabank EcoLiving Property Brothers Contest from start to finish.

Not sure about what's involved in an eco-friendly renovation? The Scotiabank EcoLiving website has tips on how you can renovate or upgrade your home in a way that reduces your impact on the environment and saves you money in the process. Because when you save a watt, you save a lot.