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Do You Need To Get Your Creative Groove Back?

Learning and gaining inspiration at The Art of Leadership for Women

The Art of Getting My Groove Back

This winter has put me in a funk and I know from chatting with friends, and from Facebook and Twitter, so many of you feel the same way.

I am looking for some inspiration as I prepare to take the next step professionally.

To be honest, I have been questioning my path, comparing myself to others and feeling, I don't know, like I need to do more, like I want to do more. Many of my opportunites have come my way, which I am forever grateful for, but I now know that I need to be better at getting out there and actively seeking out new opportunities. Time to get off the scenic route and on the highway.

On that note, I am choosing to look ahead and believe that I can achieve my dreams. I've come to realize that, although we are ultimately the ones that make our dreams come true, we don't have to do it alone. I have always been inspired by the achievements of others; now I want to learn from them. That's why I am so excited to be attending The Art of Leadership for Women Conference. As soon as I saw the line up of women speaking, I knew I had to go.

Martha Stewart has been an inspiration to me forever. As in, I may need to be restrained from rushing the stage to profess my love for her. She has been a role model for me in my passion for DIY. I love her for that. The networking opportunities with the other attendees is always a good thing. How can you not learn and grow when connecting with 1500 amazing women?

I'd love for you to join me {and my soon to be BFF, Martha} and work towards creating your dreams at the conference on May 29th. We can learn innovative strategies and practical tips to take our businesses to the next level—together. And maybe, just maybe, get a selfie with Martha.


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