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What Are Your Christmas Eve Traditions?

How do you celebrate?

Christmas is a few short days away. As our children get older, we are creating our own family traditions, based mostly on my childhood memories. Christmas was always a huge deal in my house growing up; I think it was everyone's favourite holiday. Even for my dad, who teased that we should cancel it Christmas every year. 

Christmas Eve is always exciting for our boys. This year, we are going to watch The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, make gingerbread houses, and have some tasty treats, all under the light of our Christmas tree.

Before bedtime on Christmas Eve, we sit the boys in front of the tree for an interview. I ask them the same questions every year, and seriously, it could not be any more adorable. If I knew how to transfer the videos from the tiny discs to this laptop, I would show you just how sweet they are.

At least you can see how cute they look in their Christmas jammies!

How do you celebrate on Christmas Eve? Do you have any special family traditions?