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Style Comes in all Sizes: Creative Mini Christmas Trees

one tree, three looks

I love coming up with unique Christmas decor ideas almost as much as I love creative holiday wrap. In my opinion, there is no such thing as too many Christmas trees. We will have one massive real one in the living room, a smaller one in the basement family room and several of these small fake (or faux, if you want to be fancy) FEJKA ones from IKEA. They are the perfect size to perch on a table or shelf and so much fun to decorate.

Amazing Christmas Tree Alternatives

You can keep it simple and add battery-operated lights like these ones in our living room:

Or add some bows made with baker's twine and set it on a rustic tray like this for a country look:

Or add some simple felt circles to act as ornaments for a pop of colour: 

The possibilities are endless. And because of the size, you can switch it up every year without breaking the bank.They are a great option for children's bedrooms as well.

How would you decorate a mini tree?