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Reindeer Games: Make These Cute Christmas Gift Boxes

think inside the box when it comes to wrapping your gifts

Christmas is my favourite holiday. Possibly my favourite thing is to wrap presents. This year I have several holiday gift wrapping ideas to share, starting with this cute little Rudolph gift box.

Give Gifts In Containers Like This and It's Like Giving Two Gifts In One



Here's what you need:

-a small 4x4 inch box
-brown and white felt
-two brown pipe cleaners
-red glitter scrapbook paper
-light brown patterned scrapbook paper
-black marker
-double sided tape
-glue or glue gun

How To:

1. Assemble the box.
2. Cut the brown and white felt pieces. Glue to the white felt onto the brown to form the ears. Attach them to the tab of the box's top using glue. Make sure to make the brown felt pieces longer so when they are glued onto the box, the white is above the edge of the box front when it's closed.


2. Bend one large pipe cleaner. Trim another one into two smaller pieces and use those to create antlers on either end of the long one.
3. Open the lid of the box and slide the pipe cleaner in place. Close lid. You can glue it in place if you like, but you don't have to.
4. Create the face using the brown and red scrapbook paper and black marker for the eyes.
5. Add a ribbon to the bottom using double sided tape. 

This Is How You Can Make Your Kids Look Like Rudolph

This little red-nosed cutie would be so much fun for a children's holiday party craft. You can find everything you need at Michaels. I am pretty much a staff member at my local store at this point.