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Duck Tape Gift Wrap

holiday gift wrapping ideas: part two

Yup you read that title right. Did you know that duck tape comes in a ton of patterns and colours? You can literally get it in everything from polka dots to your favourite boy band. They have a bunch of fun winter and holiday themed patterns as well, so I thought it would be fun to wrap Christmas presents with duck tape rather than paper.

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You can purchase boxes and the duck tape from Michaels. I like to repurpose, so I also used smaller boxes I had around the house. The duck tape covers any images or writing the box may have on it. 

Check these out:

Pretty fun, right? Honestly, it could not be any easier. Simply wrap the box in the tape starting on the sides, taking care to match the pattern as you go. I like to cut a large piece of tape, line it up on the front of the box and smooth it around the other sides. Trim any access and have the ends overlap on the back.

Embellish with ribbon or yarn {which I am kind of obsessed with this year} and you are done. 

Duck tape also comes in sheets that are great for wrapping plain gift bags. They are peel and stick and easy to re-apply as needed. You can use the rolls of tape for bags as well.

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