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The Best Photo Apps For Your iPhone

it's never been easier to shoot, edit, and share

Taking, editing and sharing your photos on your iPhone has have never been easier. People often ask me what my favourite photo apps are (possibly because I share a lot of photos), so I thought I would include the best photo apps for your iPhone all in one place. 

It's odd to think that you can download an app that takes better photos than the camera on your phone, but it's true. My new favourite app for taking photos (thanks to Katie and Blissdom) is Camera Awesome. It has grids and a horizon tool to get those perfectly straight shots which are so important when you are shooting interiors. You can also touch the darkest spot on your screen, and it will instantly lighten the entire image before it takes the photo. This is way better than using a flash. In fact, you should always have your flash off on your phone if you can. Camera Awesome shows up on your phone as 'camera!'

I don't tend to edit my photos on my phone much, but I love a good filter. I especially enjoy the ones on Instagram. My favourites are Amaro, Valencia, and Walden. You can see below that each photo is enhanced in some way. You can also straighten your photos on Instagram now, which I appreciate. Camera Awesome has a lot of editing features that I am still learning how to use (thanks again, Katie!) Check out these quick video tutorials to learn more. 

Collages are a fun way to group before and after shots or a group of photos from a special day. I use a few different apps for this but I have a few favourites. Diptic and Pic Stitch are useful for basic collages like this:

and I use Frame Swagg for shaped images like these:


Rhonna Designs is my new favourite iPhone photo app. Get ready to lose hours on this one. It is SO much fun to use. Just like Jennifer Aniston wore flair on her uniform in the movie Office Space, sometimes photos can use a little bit of fancy. This app has a huge selection of shapes, patterns, pre-designed quotes, and fonts for adding your own words. You can combine the images, shapes, and words in many ways; you can also change the colours, the transparency, and more. I am obsessed with it, as any one of my friends on Instagram know. You can't help but be inspired when you open the app and see all of the amazing creations other users have made. And yes, it is what I used to make all of the subtitles for this post.

So you've taken your photos, edited them, and maybe added a little somethin' somethin'. Now, it's time to share them with the world. Of course, you can upload them to Facebook, tweet them, or add them to a photo sharing site like Flickr, but Instagram is my favourite place to share images from my phone. You can take a photo, edit it, and filter it right in the app (see above), or you can add any of the photos from your camera roll or other photo apps. There is just something about a square photo that makes me happy. I also love connecting with people on there and being inspired by their beautiful images. You can find me on Instagram here.

I'd love to know: What's your favourite iPhone camera app?