Sarah Gunn: Wall Candy


DIY Place Card Holders

repurposing vintage finials

I have wanted to make place card holders using vintage finials for ages and I finally found the perfect ones at my favourite antique spot in Nova Scotia, Sunnyhill Antiques.

I first saw this project from Better Homes and Gardens on Pinterest and thought it would be a fun project to add a little colour to a place setting.


hacksaw or wire cutter

How To:

1. If there are any screws sticking out from the finial, use the hacksaw or wire cutter to remove it.
2. Use the hacksaw to slice a line in the top of the finial deep enough to hold the place card.
3. Prime the finial and let dry.
4. Apply two or three coats of paint

To make the place cards, cut white scrapbook paper and then glue it to the front a larger piece of patterned paper. Embellish each one with flower stickers to pretty them up even more.

To see more DIY projects that I created using my Nova Scotia treasures, watch this Cityline clip.