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Dream Rooms: Today's Parent Organization Feature

The email that turned into a redesign and magazine feature

If you follow me on twitter then you have heard me going on and on {and on} about a dream project I have been working on. Now I can finally reveal what it is.

It all started with an email {after some slight stalking on my part, hi Nadine} asking if I would like come into the Today's Parent offices to discuss working on an organization feature in the magazine. My immediate reaction was: YES YES YES! But *I think* I played it cool when I responded to set up a time. The meeting was amazing and I left {literally floating to my car} with a plan to redesign three rooms in my home to make them more functional, and a whole lot prettier.

I worked with some amazing companies, including IKEAHome DepotTonic LivingSwitch StudioGarnet HillRugs USA and My Back Shed to completely transform our entranceway, the basement family room, and my youngest son's bedroom. Stay tuned for some posts about these amazing decor resources.....because sharing is caring.

To make a long story {kinda} husband and I moved home seven years ago after living in the UK for two years, with very little furniture. Since then, we have bought a house, planned our wedding, had two children, and started new careers. Not a lot of time left for decorating in there. We had to start from scratch so our home has been {and still is} a work in progress. This is why I have not shared too many home pics. But now I can say/squeal that these three rooms work so well for our family. They are beautiful and functional. 

Here are some sneak peeks of the rooms I worked on: 

Pick up the September issue of Today's Parent magazine to see five pages {!} of the ugly befores, the pretty darn fantastic afters and lots of tips for decorating with kids. And, of course, to check out all of the amazing content Today's Parent produces every month. Also, how cute is that little boy on the cover?! Adorable!

Make sure to visit the Today's Parent website in the coming weeks for more ideas and DIY projects froms yours truly, including a how-to video for stenciling a rug.

Thank you again so much to everyone I worked with at Today's Parent for such an amazing experience. I loved the entire process and I learned so much.