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Five Tips for Hanging Art

How to make art look picture perfect

Art is such an important part of any room. I am shocked by the number of homes I see where there is little to no art on the walls. But I do get it, art can be intimidating. People worry about matching their sofa, how much to spend or where to hang it. I think choosing art is very personal, but there are five basic rules that will make your art stand out in any room. 

1. Hang art lower than you think. It should be at eye level when hung on a bare wall.The centre of the art should be about 60" above the floor.

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2. Unless you are hanging art across the entire wall, use the 2/3 rule when hanging art over furniture. Measure the length of the sofa/mantel/table and hang a piece of art that is 2/3 of that total length. A single piece of art should not be wider than the furniture itself.

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3. When hanging art over furniture, hang it low enough so they relate to each other, but high enough so that the piece is not blocked by accessories. Six to eight inches works well.

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4. When hanging art in a grouping, space each piece about two inches apart. 

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And the most important rule of all:
5. Buy art you love. It does not have to match anything. If a piece moves you, evokes a happy memory, buy it and hang it where you can enjoy it every day.