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DIY Thanksgiving Centrepiece

glitter vases

We are hosting Thanksgiving this year so I am already thinking of DIY decor ideas. Last year I painted metallic pumpkins. As much as I loved them, I never like to do the same thing twice.

I recently came across the Martha Stewart Crafts glitter and have been desperate to try it so I bought two shades of green and a vibrant yellow to create a glittery vase centerpiece. The vases I bought are a simple cylinder shape. I also picked up some mod podge.

The process is very simple: you take a paint brush and coat the inside of each vase with mod podge. Then shake the glitter into the vase, covering the mod podge completely. You will have a ton of excess glitter, but you can pour it back into the jar to re-use.

Warning: they will look awful at first, but give them time to dry and you will have created sparkly vase goodness. If there are any glitter-free spots, simply apply more mod podge and glitter.

The end result is really, really pretty {if I do say so myself}. Sorry for the quality of the photos. It was hard to take shots without the glitter being too glittery. 

I chose to apply the glitter on the inside of each vase because I think it gives them a more subtle sparkle. If you do so, you will need a smaller vase inside to hold flowers and water. 

This DIY was one of seven projects I shared on stage at the Fall Home Show with the fabulous Dee Brun. This was my first time at the show and I LOVED it! I am so grateful to have been asked. Stay tuned for more posts of DIY projects for Halloween and Christmas.