Sarah Deveau: Money Matters


New App Slashes Phone Bills

High Liner helps bring your costs down

As someone who tracks her grocery pricing to the penny and refuses to buy her kids even the most inexpensive Scholastic books, I’m a total Spendthrift Sally when it comes to my cell-phone bill.

Every single month I feel sick to my stomach when I get the bill in the mail. I run numerous businesses from my kitchen table and minivan, closing business deals and conducting interviews at the mall, gymnastics studio, and at the local park. My cell-phone bill might run anywhere from $85 to $350, despite having held many long conversations with customer service agents trying to align my plan to my usage. I’m constantly calling in to check my usage in an effort to stay within my plan, but it’s been a struggle.

So when High Liner contacted me about their partnership with GL2GO—a new smart phone appdesigned to save cell phone users on long distance—I was a little surprised. When I think of High Liner, I think of my childhood Friday night suppers of fried cod, not long distance plans. But thinking about it, it makes sense. Busy moms are always looking for ways to save money for their families and to connect more often with loved ones—on the phone or over a meal.

Until February 2012, you can purchase specially-marked High Liner Foods packages with 40 free GL2GO long distance minutes to try out the app, and can combine package codes for up to 200 free minutes which can be used to call anywhere, anytime, from a smart phone on any network. You can set up your account at, which is super easy to do.

Once your free minutes are up, long distance minutes cost as little as $0.02 a minute in Canada and the United States (not including roaming charges if you’re travelling). Which, looking at my last few bills, will save me anywhere from $20 to $50 a month.

But for me, the biggest savings is the GL2GO Call Back feature. Using the Call Back feature, my outgoing minute usage can be eliminated. The app turns my unlimited incoming calls into outgoing calls! Seriously, this is revolutionary stuff. I’ll still pay the $0.02 a minute GL2GO fee for this time, but when I’m close to going over my allocated daytime minutes, $0.02 a minute is far cheaper than the $0.40 a minute my provider charges.

I'm totally in love with this app!