Sarah Deveau: Money Matters


My Ugly Office

The No Budget Office Makeover

Our house was built in the mid-seventies, and while it has a decent footprint for a family of five, it’s broken up into a lot of little rooms. Last summer, my husband demolished a wall between the office and a bedroom, turning my three foot by four foot office into a positively palatial space 15 feet by four and six feet.

However, our renovation budget for this project was nil. As in, nothing. Not $500, or $50 or even $5. So instead of a stylish office with matching magazine holders and symmetrical cabinets, I’ve literally scavenged through the rest of the house to find items I could use to create a functional room to work and scrapbook in.

So I’m stuck with an office with a strip of cement where the carpet is missing, exposed studs from where the wall was ripped out, and decidedly down market décor. Nevertheless, I love my ugly office, and its flaws haven’t detracted from my bliss at having a roomy space to work and scrap in with friends.