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Go Easy on the Easter Gifts

Don’t smother your kids with stuff this Easter

Today’s Parent blogger Tracy Chappell recently posted about how gift giving at Easter is on the rise, referring to a Globe & Mail article about that quotes a Toys “R” Us spokeswoman as saying Easter is the second biggest holiday of the year for gift-giving, next to Christmas.

Well, of course a big toy company is going to want us parents to think everyone else is giving their kids loads of toys for Easter, and we should all get to the store to do the same!

In the same article, Yummy Mummy Club blogger Caroline Fernandez says she gives presents instead of treats for Easter, continuing a long-standing tradition in her family. I hold an Easter egg hunt for my kids with the neighbours, and they get a few pieces of chocolate in the hunt. At home, the Easter bunny leaves a small chocolate bunny and a basket with activity treats – new markers or a skipping ropes and if they’re needed, a new pair of sneakers.

Caroline offers five easy candy-free Easter treat ideas to give to your kids this year. I think they’re all great ideas, and encourage you to pick one or two.

If we want to raise gracious, grateful children, we must stop bombarding them with every little thing their hearts desire simply because corporations are telling us to do so, or in a misguided attempt to give them the things we wish we had been given as a child.

Wishing you a fantastic Easter full of joyful time with your loved ones.

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