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Extreme Room Makeover

Kids Rooms On the Cheap

My daughter turned six in May, and I was really excited to present her with her birthday gift – a bedroom makeover. She’s been bunking with her three-year-old sister while our 21-month-old had her own room. We moved the two little ones in together, and Kate got a room of her own.

Kate's Room Before

I knew she’d prefer an older theme than generic pink princess, so I thought back to what I had always wanted as a kid – a New Kids on the Block themed room. Since she’s a huge Justin Bieber and Hannah Montana fan, I decided to makeover her room with her favourite pop stars.

Six months before the makeover, I started searching for themed items, visiting websites like and every few days and searching for Justin Bieber or Hannah Montana items. I hit pay dirt in the form of a listing for everything you needed to have a Hannah Montana room for just $50! Comforter, sheets, rug, huge framed posters, pillows – a show home was changing the décor and was selling everything for $50, unused. I was thrilled and snapped it up.

A few weeks later I was at the paint depot recycling some old paint cans when I noticed a gallon with a smear of the perfect deep purple colour on the top. I lifted the can and discovered it was 80% full – so I took it home to see if it was in good shape, and it was. I bought a gallon more of a light purple for $30 at Totem for the other walls.

I thought about doing my own extreme makeover while Kate was at school, but decided it would be more fun to enlist her help. So the day after her birthday party we set to work, painting, hanging photos, and relocating and repurposing furniture from other rooms in the house. A stereo bought at a garage sale for $5 is her favourite addition (along with the two Justin Bieber CDs she received from friends for her birthday).

Kate's Room After