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Budget Friendly Valentine’s Day Gifts

Sweet treats that won't make your wallet cry

With Valentine’s Day approaching while credit card bills from Christmas are overdue, many couples will want to show their love in a more fiscally responsible manner. Because the Beatles had it right—money can’t buy you love.

Expressing love through a gift doesn’t have to come in the form of overpriced roses and costly restaurant meals. If you’re challenged by creativity and budget, here are a few budget friendly suggestions.

Record memories. Make a calendar with photos of special memories you shared. Create a soundtrack of your life with your sweetheart and explain why you chose each song. Videotape your partner’s parents and siblings talking about their favourite childhood memories of the recipient.

Buy a used book and in the inside cover explain why you chose the book for them. Better yet, talk to his parents to find his favourite childhood stories. Is he missing his copies? Scour used bookstores and thrift stores to find his favourites and present him with a selection.

Your honey wants to know you’re paying attention to the details of their life. What little irritations could you help soothe with a small gift? Does she need extra pantyhose for her desk drawer, or would he appreciate a set of lint rollers for his office? Has she been putting off sorting her photographs into albums? Do they have a hobby or interest that lends itself to purchasing something inexpensive but fun? A reader might appreciate a few witty bookmarks; a foodie might giggle at oddly shaped cookie cutters.

If the gift of a day at a luxurious spa is out of the question, you can give a loved one the spa experience at home. Pick up bubble bath, a bath sponge and a fragrant candle, and load their music player with a relaxing playlist. Be sure to be ready for their foot massage afterwards, and get the kids out of the house to grandma’s or a neighbour’s so the ambiance isn’t ruined by screaming and hammering on the door.

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