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Am I More Thrifty Than You?

Some Feel Bad for Not Being More Frugal

I read a great blog post recently about how there’s a jealousy of a different kind when it comes to spending. Instead of feeling bad because you’re not making enough or spending enough to keep up with the Joneses, you might feel bad because you’re not spending less and bring more frugal like the Smiths!

In case you didn’t click over to read the blog, I’ve quoted my favourites bits, here:

“I don’t feel judged when I read that someone builds her own furniture or sews his own clothes. I admire the ingenuity and file away the idea for possible use in the future.”

“When you read what other folks do to save money, don’t feel judged. In real life, listen to what others are thinking or saying, but don’t let their notions bring you down. They’re not you. They aren’t living your life. They have their own strengths and weaknesses, just as you have yours. Make the most of what you have. Do what works for you. Instead of comparing yourself to others, compare your Present Self to your Past Self. Your goal is to constantly improve your own life, if only in little ways.”

“When I post a tip or technique at Get Rich Slowly, I’m not saying you’re a financial failure if you don’t follow it. I’m simply trying to share ideas that have worked for others, or ideas that have worked for me. Apply the ideas to your own life in your own way. Or don’t. Take what you want and leave the all the rest behind.”

I love this! It ties into my last ‘When to Splurge’ post, and one I wrote way back when about Scholastic books orders and how I would never buy a kids book new. When you write about money, the reality is that some people will feel ‘judged’ because what they put in the splurge category might be something I put in the save category.

I'm here to educate, enlighten, and inspire in my posts, not to judge - I hope I'm hitting the mark.